Additional Information

There is one more step before sharing your rating. It is important that you can review your post, and add more information to your followers if you want.
Each additional info means more RATE token. So, don't forget to add them.
  • Category
    We identify some basic categories but if we can't, we want you to select a category for your post. It is mandatary and if it is not selected share button can not be active
  • Tags
    Hashtags related with the experience. That will increase to be shown to other users.
  • Comment
    Add your comment about your experience. Tell us why do you rate it as 7 or 10. This is your feeling about your experience and your followers like to hear about it.
  • Location
    If it's a location based experience, please add location information to your post. So we can show our users places according to their ratings.