Rating Options

These are the options you can use to rate
  • Rate From Gallery or Camera
    You can choose photos or videos of your experiences from your gallery or directly using your camera. We appreciate your original content and using this option earns you more token. Users have to write identifier of experience like name of product, name of hospital etc.
  • Rating an Existing Tag
    There are tags (same as hashtag but we like to call it tag
    ) rated before. So you can search and select a tag and rate it. By this way, you don't need to add any image or video. The image or video automatically comes from the creator of users who rated this tag first. Of course, you can change it.
  • Rate a Movie
    Just write a movie name and rate it. Movie image and trailer automatically will be set.
  • Rate a Song
    Search a song or singer/band name and choose from the results. Song video clip from Youtube automatically will be in your post. We also add song lyrics to your post.
  • Listen & Rate
    A hidden feature under Rate a song and we love it so much. Touch Listen & Rate button and let application recognize the song played around you. It will show you recognized song and you can rate it. We said that, Yoorbit has the easiest user experience on SocialFi.
  • Rate a Location
    Application will list all places around you and you can select the place you want and rate. Image of place automatically will be set. You can change if you want.
  • Paste Link from Internet
    You can copy any link from mobile applications or website and rate it. So you can rate a product from an e-commerce platform, trending news from a website or blog, or any link from other social networks. Image and description automatically will be set for you.