People do not have motivation to rate and review even they have billions of experiences in total. Existing rating and reviews can be biased or scattered over single category focused apps, therefore it is very hard to reach meaningful information.
There are billions of experiences to discover;
  • 100M+ songs
  • 7M+ movies and series
  • 400M+ books
  • 700k+ hotels
  • 1M+ games
  • 3M+ wines etc.
There are several rating & review applications focused on single category
  • iMDB, Rotten Tomatoes for movies & series
  • Vivino for wines
  • Booking.com for hotels
  • Trip Advisor for hotels, restaurants
  • Goodreads for books etc.
There are several social networks not focused on ratings
  • Instagram, express yourself by alluring photos or videos
  • TikTok, express yourself by entertaining musical videos
  • Twitter, express yourself by status updates etc.
There is no one-stop-shop application combining experience, personalization and earning.
Last modified 10mo ago