Disrupting Creator Economy

As the number of users on social media increases, this area has become a place that brands cannot ignore. Users are also in a great race to increase the number of followers and to work with these brands. The fact that social media is a great source of income has turned into a place of additional income for some, and a profession for some people.
With brands turning to social media, social media content production has come to a very important place. Influencers are now an indispensable marketing tool for brands. However, the number of influencers in the large community of people using social media is very low, contrary to what is thought.
According to data of January 2022, there are 4.62 billion users on social platforms and only 50 million of them earn money by contributing. If we add 3 as the number of multiple social platform accounts active for creators and platforms with +10k followers on each platform, the creator economy is only 3% of the entire community. This means that 97% of users earn nothing.
Unlike all other social media, Yoorbit offers a brand new revenue model to earn for every user who uses the application. With Yoorbit, the first social media application to earn crypto using blockchain technology, it will now be possible for everyone to win, whether they are influencer or not. Experience matters on Yoorbit, not the number of followers. The more experience you share, the more you will earn. Increasing your follower count will only be a factor for you to earn more.
Thanks to investments, YOORBIT will launch its project with RATE Token, which aims to ensure the use of cryptocurrencies by combining it with cryptocurrencies that are seen as an investment tool in the world. The user will make a profit by contributing to the social network interactions which they are already used to by taking part in a reliable formation that will make a difference in the global space where the user earns crypto as long as they interact and where they create their own digital universe. Start rating the likes of your internet worlds, create your own universe, earn crypto!