Rate to Earn

Yoorbit is the first and only rate-to-earn social network. You can rate everything you experienced in your daily life and earn RATE token. More contribution means more RATE token.
There is no boundary for rating (except legally prohibited categories). Some examples for you to rate;
  • a book
  • a movie
  • a hotel
  • a drink
  • a song
  • a hospital
  • a wine
  • a restaurant
  • a chocolate bar
  • an actor
  • a streaming service
  • a website
  • a playstation game
  • a game character
  • an NFT
  • a museum
  • a neighborhood
  • a documentary
  • a dentist
  • a stroller
  • an ice cream etc.
Anything you want...
There is a separate section for Rate to Earn.