”Yelp with Tokens”
Users will be rewarded with crypto token to share rating and reviews. It helps users stay engaged and ultimately create more rating and reviews through incentivization
Yoorbit is the World's first application which combines social network, rating and blockchain where ;
  • You can express your feelings about your experiences by rating them
  • You can earn RATE token when you contribute
  • You can reach personalized recommendations using your social graph
  • You can connect people who have similar lifestyle and taste
Yoorbit has all social features such as having a profile, comment, like, direct message, privacy controls, reporting, sharing.
Yoorbit has all rating & review features that you can show how much you like by rating any experience or criticize anything, because you have the power. Your experiences are in the middle of the system, so you can share anything even it is not perfect ( not like Instagram